West Side 5 wins Harmony Sweepstakes, Mid-atlantic region

March 2016

The new group went to the Birchmere in Alexandria, VA to compete in the Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes competition, and came back winners! The original WS5 lineup won the same competition in 2010, so this was a great way for the new group to build on the WS5 legacy.

We started with 'A-Train', and old WS5 classic; then did 'Life Rearranged', a poignant and beautiful original song from Kelly; and finished with 'Anitra's Dance', an amazing (and amazingly difficult!) arrangement from Dylan of a well-know classical piece by Grieg. Check out some live clips and photos from the show below.

After the show, we were up until 4am celebrating -- food, drink, and vocal improvisation games. Yeah, we're nerds...but we party hard.

We're thrilled to be going to the Nationals in California to perform with the other winners of the 7 Regional competitions. The big show is on May 14th - get your tickets now!

West Side 5 Performs Anitra's Dance at Harmony Sweepstakes Mid-Atlantic Regional 2016
West Side 5 performs Life Rearranged, an original composition by Kelly Green.


Say Hello to the New West Side 5

April 2015

After a 1-year hiatus, we're back with a (nearly) all-new lineup! Eric is the only original member remaining; joining him are bass Dylan, tenor John, alto Kelly, and soprano Artemisz. 

How did we come to be? John was a fan of the original group, a prolific vocal jazz arranger, and an experienced a cappella singer -- he signed on first. He knew Dylan from a larger group they both sang in, and said Dylan "could do it all" as a jazz bass singer. Then came the search for the girls: John ran into Artemisz, a versatile soprano; Artermisz was friends with Kelly, a talented young jazz pianist, singer, and songwriter. 

When we all came together, it just worked: we're a group of jazz musicians who just happen to be singers and fans of vocal harmony. Our new members started contributing new arrangements and original songs, and created a dynamic new energy in the group. 

We're all excited about the next chapter in West Side 5!